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Before Healing Others,
Heal Yourself

We care for your professional and financial health
to help you care for others.

Strategic Partnership

Diazo Medical is leveraging its partnership with Strong Walls Consulting led by Etan Walls, a veteran healthcare executive with years of experience in physician management, healthcare operations, and technology.

Etan's vision is to redesign healthcare in a way that will protect patients and empower physicians. He is a dynamic and innovative leader equipped with a wealth of experience in achieving operational success. The goal of Diazo Medical is to empower physicians with the tools and resources necessary to create a blueprint for success. Working in concert with your financial planner, Diazo Medical can help you bring your personal and professional goals to life.

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Diazo Wealth Management is excited to offer specialty resources for professionals in the medical community. We find providing financial advice requires an integrated understanding of the financial foundation underpinning your medical career. Whether you are an owner or an employee, Diazo Medical is prepared to curate an individualized planning process that helps bridge your short and long-term financial goals.

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How Can We Help?

Diazo Medical will offer you advice and analytics in the following areas:


Access to curated industry advisers and consultants


Contract Evaluation, Education, and Benchmarking


Strategic recommendations to blueprint your long-term career plan

Business Planning

Tactical recommendations to maximize current income

Risk Management

Risk mitigation to protect your assets

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Whether you are wrapping up your fellowship, about to sign your first contract, an employee trying to find your way to career fulfillment, ready to explore your independence as an owner, or gearing up to exit your practice – Diazo Medical is your partner.

With the resources, analytics, tools, and advice we are committed to guiding you on the path to professional and financial success.

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